About Us

Since 1997, MA’AT Construction Group LLC, a full service general contractor, has been providing construction services throughout the Pittsburgh and Southwestern Pennsylvania region. MA’AT Construction Group LLC is a Minority Business Enterprise, Disadvantaged Business Enterprise and Veteran Owned Company.

The maximum value is delivered by providing a sage work environment to our employees, and a superior return on investment to our clients in delivering quality construction services. Over the years we have earned trust throughout the construction industry with the level of service that we have consistently delivered.


T. Rashad Byrdsong, President and CEO of MA’AT Construction Group LLC brings over 30 years in experience in the industry. He has made it his personal mission to be the conduit for change in the restoration, reclamation and transformation of distressed communities through strategic planning, collaboration, advocacy, education, and mobilization.

Byrdsong is surrounded by a strong management team with years of experience in carpentry, interior finishing services and architectural design.

Through its relationship with Community Empowerment Association, Inc., MA’AT Construction Group LLC is committed to providing opportunities for employment for trained skilled workforce in the construction industry. 


MA’AT Construction Group LLC is committed from top management down to providing the safest workplace possible. Training through our safety program ensures that our employees feel valued and respected in their well-being. For our customers, this provides reassurance that standard safety procedures will be followed on their worksite.


Quality is at the heart of our service delivery. From the skilled workforce to the type of work realized in the construction product, MA’AT Construction Group LLC is a recognized leader in the industry. Over the years we have built solid relationships with community leaders and construction partners.

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